When was the New Testament written

The Surprising Timeline Behind The New Testament’s Creation

The New Testament is an integral part of the Bible for orthodox Christians. As such, its origin and authorship are a source of great historical and religious importance. Composed of 27 books, the New Testament has been attributed to various authors, who wrote it in Greek. Although there is no exact timeline known for its composition, scholars have suggested various dates for when the New Testament was written.

In What language is the New Testament written

In What language is the New Testament written?

The New Testament in Greek was written by different authors over 150 years because it was the language of the educated. Alexander the Great through his conquests made it the dominant language in the Mediterranean. Additionally, many early Christians were from Greece and Rome, two of the most influential centres of culture and learning at that time.

Proof that Jesus was Real

Is there proof that Jesus was Real?

Was Jesus a historical figure?
What evidence do we have to come to such a conclusion and is it rational to be convinced he did wander on earth? We will discover what archaeology and scholars brought forward and let’s dive together into a fascinating journey to the beginning of the first millennia.

The Infancy Gospel Of James - a story about the life of Mary the mother of Jesus

the Story of Mary in the Infancy Gospel of James

The life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is well-known and highly cherished by Christians around the world. Few people know, however, about her early life and how she got married. Mary was from a very humble family and was perpetual all her life. This Gospel is telling her story…