About me

About Me

Greetings! My name is Oliver, also known as The Atheist. I was born in Germany and have a deep passion for spending quality time with my loved ones, engaging in activities such as hiking, traveling, reading, and cooking. Alongside these interests, I am a self-proclaimed tech nerd, history enthusiast, and sports lover, particularly enjoying swimming, yoga, Tae-Kwon Do, biking, and occasional running. Life holds immense value to me, and I hope you find my blog engaging and enjoyable.

My beliefs are rooted in science, human well-being, and reason. I firmly believe that through observation and experimentation, we can comprehend and decipher the complexities of the world. The pursuit of truth is a journey of discovery, explanation, and verification. As individuals, we possess the remarkable opportunity to improve our world by understanding ourselves, acknowledging our imperfections, recognising the influence of our genetic makeup (DNA), and comprehending the impact of our upbringing. My aim is to educate and help others gain a deeper understanding of their religion.

My fascination with history, Philosophy and Religion

I am an individual fueled by a deep enthusiasm for technology, a profound admiration for science, and an avid interest in history. My ultimate goal is to spread my passion for learning to a global audience. In my pursuit of knowledge, I have come to find religion to be a captivating subject, albeit one that has often been utilized as a means of exerting control over people throughout history and even in the present day. In contrast, I firmly believe that science holds the key to unlocking a comprehensive understanding of our vast universe. Additionally, I deem it essential to delve into the intricacies of the past in order to gain valuable insights into what lies ahead in the future.

With these objectives in mind, I will endeavor to present information in a clear and engaging manner, infusing a personal touch into my writing while upholding a standard of accuracy and depth.


I am Driven to expand my know-How


I am continuously seeking out new opportunities to expand my knowledge and personal growth. I eagerly embrace new challenges and strive to push myself to new limits. Giving up is never an option for me, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Instead, I approach setbacks as learning experiences, using them to fuel my progress forward. With a deep passion for my work, I take great joy in sharing my expertise through the content published on this website. By adhering to the objective of writing in a clear, personal, and knowledgeable manner, I aim to provide readers with comprehensive and high-quality information.

issues we are facing in our Modern Society

Nature is amazing and worth exploring and preserving. We are working to make sure it’s around for promoting a better society that values:

Better education

Animal rights

A better distribution of value in the world

Tackle clime change

Reduce criminality

Eliminate war and military spending

Issues We Are Facing In Our Modern Society

Where would we be without the Time of Enlightenment?


As I said, I am glad to live in a time in which technology, science and the prosperity of our environment (the planet on which we are dwelling) enable us to be creative and investigative, to understand ourselves and the world we are living in, in a clearer way. We would be living in a time where people believed in things like witches, fairies and monsters, where women were considered the property of their husbands, and where people didn’t have the right to vote.

What we need to understand when it comes to Religion

I am convinced that religion is a tool that has been used to control and manipulate people for far too long and that science is the key to a more sophisticated understanding of our reality. I don’t doubt that religious people had positive effects on our modern world, or even that religion gives individuals comfort and supports them through difficult times.

What we need to understand when it comes to Religion
Sharing Is Caring!
Sharing is caring!