Gnosticism explained

What is Gnosticism? Definition & Explanation

Gnosticism is a religious and philosophical tradition. It defines knowledge as the source of salvation and that salvation can only be obtained through gnosis. Gnostics believed in a spiritual world that was different from the material world and that humans could access this spiritual world through gnosis.

Gospel of Judas

The Gospel of Judas: The true Disciple!

The Gospel of Judas is a different take on Christianity. It provides us with another window into the 1 – 4 century AD when the diversity of this nomination was much bigger than today. In this Gospel Judas is the good guy, the one who knows the truth about Jesus and his mission on earth.

nag hammadi library

The Nag Hammadi Library: The Great Finding

The finding of the Nag Hammadi Library is an extensive and unique collection of religious, and gnostic texts it revolutionised our understanding of early Christianity. The significance of this collection of ancient scripts is mainly unique and in many cases, we were not even aware of their existence. This makes this discovery truly precious.

Gospel of Peter

Gospel of Peter: The Walking, talking cross

The Gospel of Peter is a gospel that was not included in the Bible. It tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. One interesting thing about this gospel is that it includes walking and talking cross.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: Jesus’s the Killer

The young Jesus is portrayed as a powerful killer in a lad’s body who was killing people to underline Jesus’ authority to be the promised Messiah. This Gospel was left out of the Bible because this dark side of Jesus didn’t match the all-wise and pacifistic narrative of the church.

The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas Reveals A Treasure

The Gospel is a rare finding of early Christianity. It was deliberately left out of the Bible because its teaching was considered too controversial and didn’t fit the doctrine of Christian orthodoxy at the time. One thing that makes the gospel so special is that it contains many sayings of Jesus not found in other canonical gospels.